Beginning May 5 our office will re-open to see patients. We would like to say things will be back to “normal” but that obviously is not the case. We want parents to understand there will be some changes due to specific COVID precautions in order to keep patients, parents and our staff healthy. Disinfection and sterilization procedures for dentistry have always been very comprehensive and will remain so. The added precautions will relate to social distancing and preventing waiting room or treatment room contamination.
We would prefer that only one parent or guardian accompany patients for their appointment. The parent accompanying their child in the office must wear a mask but the parent may also wait in their car (assuming it’s not 100 degrees outside!)
Everyone entering the office will have their temperature taken at the front desk before any treatment procedure. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will be rescheduled.
NO patients,parents or staff will be in the office IF:
A) they have had a respiratory illness that included a persistent cough in the past 14 days
B) they have had a fever (100.4) in the past 14 days
C) they have traveled outside Oklahoma in the past 14 days
Thank You for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions regarding your child’s dental health or appointment scheduling